Because insane things happen at work sometimes...


Presenting! All the moments that Enjolras is in/is singing in minus Do You Hear The People Sing and his death which are here and here.

Enjoy all the revolutionary glory :’)

I absolutely LOVE your blog! I too work at a very tiny theater (3 screens) so I can relate to pretty much all of this! :D

Aw, thanks! We love it too. Even though Jenna (the other admin) and I work at different theatres now (I moved to a much bigger one for a promotion), these stories still stand true and keep us smiling. If you have any stories or anything, submit them! You’d be surprised how common these ‘weird’ things are.


Glad to see this blog is updating again! I'm curious, though, how do you guys feel about tipping when on the candy stand? I typically don't expect it, but for larger orders (I'd say $50+), tossing me a few bucks would be nice. Filling 17 pink lemonades when we only have one pink lemonade fountain is a nightmare. :C

We’re always open, we just weren’t getting submissions!

The company we work for doesn’t allow tips, but that’s not to say we don’t take them when offered. I’d have to agree with it being a courtesy for larger orders, but of course, it’s never gonna be standard practice.

People were coming to the ticketbooth anyway and asking for a refund. Out ticket booth is not off of a sidewalk. It's in the middle of the lobby.

That sounds like complete insanity! There’s no logic with people sometimes, really.


Last Saturday, during a thunderstorm, out fire alarm went off. I'm the assistant manager, and was the only member of management there, so it was my duty to clear the theaters and print off a sheet stating how many patrons were in the building for the fire department. After pausing the movies and printing the sheet (just in case it was a prank) I went down stairs to help clear the theaters. At this point, we didn't know if there was a fire or not. Let me repeat: THE BUILDING MAY HAVE BEEN ON FIRE
I hate it when people sit in the theater after the movie is over. I can understand wanting to watch the credits, or if the movie has a bonus scene at the end (I try to tell people if it does or doesn't), but at least move to the back of the theater and out of your seat so I can clean up... Chances are, another movie is breaking soon and I have to do this one as quickly as possible!

Absolutely agreed. I’ll always walk up to the stragglers and be like “There’s nothing at the end…” and they’ll look at me and go, ever so smugly. “I know, I just want to stay as respect to the people that worked on the film.” Okay, really? They can’t see you.

Keep the stories coming!

Here's one of my biggest pet peeves at work. When I'm waiting in the theater for people to come out so I can clean, and people who are walking with their trash in hand put it down on the floor or in a cupholder as soon as they see me. So much worse that people who just don't give a crap in the first place, haha.

I absolutely hate this! One time, I was standing in the back waiting for some kid’s movie to end, and this grandmother was there with her 6 year old granddaughter. The girl had a kid’s pack in her hands (back when it was a tray, not a box) and was clearly looking for a garbage pail. The grandmother told her to put it down, since it was my job to clean up. The little girl promptly walked right up to the garbage next to me, smiled, and tossed it away. I thanked her for making my job a little easier, and it kind of renewed my faith in the new generation, just a little.

Keep the stories coming!

My night went something like this….

Guest: Give me two tickets to the 7:30 movie.

Me: You mean Contagion?

Guest: Yea, I can’t pronounce it.

Me: *Blank stare*

Guest: They really shouldn’t make these movie titles so hard to pronounce.

Me: *Blank stare*

Seriously, it took all of my energy to keep from hysterically laughing in this guys face.  And this wasn’t a 12 year old, or a dumb teenager…this man was at least 45 years old, if not older….what the hell is wrong with people? Do they seriously hate reading that much?


Awkward theater moment #15 is hysterical because my theater has never had working speakers (it was a Regal theater before it went out of business and Marquee Cinemas bought the building), so customers have to talk through the cash slot :) or raise their voice

That sounds kinda rough. Our speakers only work sometimes, so we’ve had to do the same thing!


When you finally see a movie at another theater and after you buy your ticket you tell the box office worker "Enjoy!" out of habit.

I’m totally guilty of this. And then they give you the strangest look, and you’re just like…*shrug and awkwardly walk away*